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I'll love you now...

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
2:41 pm - Last entry everrrrrrrrrrrrr..............
Today will be my last entry on here ever...I obviously have nothing that's personal anymore,nothing that's my own.I made this journal "friends only" for FRIENDS....not people who would go and tell other people.

-I know that you know who you are,and I'm really sad w/ you,I've been trying to change,and that's what I broke up w/ Rob last night before all of this happened today....that should be proof enough....because he's someone that I care for deeply.I don't understand why God let this happen to me...I guess I know that I deserve it.....but it hurts....it hurts really really badly....because this journal was MINE,it was my thoughts,my feelings....it was my personal thing that I didn't want some people know about....I now find it harder to trust....and although I'm angry w/ you right now,I forgive you.But don't expect me to be happy and talk to you like I used to.I don't think we'll ever be "friends" again.Yes,I'll respect you,and be nice,but I'll always remember this day,and the pain that it caused me...I know that I have caused myself this pain,w/ all of the stupid things I've done....but I had suffered during this all....and now there's more suffering to follow....yet,even though I know that hard things are coming for me,I will be strong.Because I have renewed my faith since last night.And I know that this may not sound like it's a big deal,but for me it is.Last night was really important w/ my relationship w/ God...I guess I'm still in shock that all of this happened.It's quite depressing.But I won't underestimate the power of God,because I know that he'll bring me thru.

So bye guys.

((there's no reason to make this entry "friends only",it's over))

current mood: disappointed

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
8:21 pm - FRIENDS ONLY!


credit to xogiirlygurlox for making my awesome banner.<33

current mood: bouncy

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